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New to splunk, come from a solarwinds monitoring environment, anyone have any suggestions on how to best transition to splunk, any recommended intro books, videos etc... to get me using the search feature to monitor effectively?


Thank you all in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @jelli0tt,

welcome to the Splunk Community!

The first things I can hint are the following:

Then, if possible, try to follow the Splunk certification paths.

Ciao and happy splunking.


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Community Manager

Hi jelli0t 🙂 Welcome to the Splunk Community!

Splunk Docs is a great and thorough resource for all things Splunk.

Additionally, if you have more specific questions, searching through Splunk Answers and reading other's experience is helpful as well.

Happy Splunking!

Thank you so much!

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Also, any search cheat sheets?

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