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New Splunk Assist Logging is Undocumented


After install of a new Enterprise 9.0 instance, there's a lot of new logging appearing in _internal.

Notably, this log line is being generated every 15 seconds and there's no clear indication in documentation how to disable it.



2022-06-23 09:25:05,957 INFO [] [context] [build_supervisor_secrets] [4932] Secret load failed, key=tenant_id, error=[HTTP 404]



source = D:\Splunk\var\log\splunk\splunk_assist_supervisor_modular_input.log
sourcetype = splunk_assist_uiassets_modular_input.log*

This is a substantial increase in overall volume of logs with "error" in them, not to mention the rest of the logging related to these new "assist supervisor" processes. 
splunkd.log is flooded with messages from executing.


The Splunk Assist documentation ( has no information on how to adjust the log level or disable specific components.

This is on an instance *without* a Splunk Assist activation code installed, meaning this is generating at this volume out-of-box.


It's incredibly frustrating that searching this log file name "splunk_assist_uiassets_modular_input.log" returns 0 results in all of Splunk Docs.

How is this useful if there's no information on what to do with it, and why am I paying more for Cloud Compute to ingest all this additional volume without any instruction for how to configure it?

Any assistance in finding relevant documentation would be appreciated.

Edit: There's a new .conf file for this - assist.conf - that is completely undocumented. Nothing in the configuration file reference doc page.

The inputs generating all this extra logging are located in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/splunk_assist

Until more information becomes available, I've disabled them:

disabled = 1

disabled = 1

disabled = 1

disabled = 1


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Submit feedback on the docs page(s) where you think more information is needed.

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