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Nagios Monitoring of Splunk ideas vs Splunk self monitoring


Hi all,

I'm currently thinking about what to monitor on application level from Splunk Servers using Nagios.

Can you give me some ideas and possibilities?

I could not find any good ideas in the "Splunk Add-on for Nagios" documentation.

And i would like to have an overview about what is best to monitor using Nagios and what with Splunk self monitoring.

I would appreciate iIf you can point me to the right direction. 



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Hi Oj,

i wrote several blogposts about monitoring splunk using nagios on one thing you would like to monitor is e.g. license usage on your licenseserver. a cornercase is to monitor for old ufs.. 

out-of-the-box there good checks are included in the Managementconsole. Those alerts should trigger your nagios.

in the end i would suggest an "end-to-end" test using a technical user and doing a search in you splunk instance - by using rest api for example. At you could be quite sure that everthing is running smooth. 

those test including basic os montoring should be a good start.



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