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Monitoring Console (MC) search activity is not recognizing saved search (scheduled search)

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Hi All,

At Monitoring Console (MC) --> Search Activity : Instance, there is "top 20 Memory-consuming searches", which is searching from index=_introspection.

As I run the search, it is not recognizing saved search (scheduled search).  Why doesn't the search starting index=_introspection recognize saved search (scheduled search)? It seems not it returns results from all searches.

How do I get to know memory consumption of all searches including saved search(scheduled search)? Do I have to join index=_introspection and index=_audit?




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The DMC does indeed report on saved/scheduled searches. If you are not seeing them you might want to verify that all your instances are forwarding their _introspection logs and/or if they are properly configured for monitoring by the DMC.

See the following for more:

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