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Hello group,

I have some questions around the configuration of Local Event Log collection. In reviewing our existing configuration I noticed that Event Log Collection for our Windows Splunk Server has been configured via "Settings=>Data Input=>Remote event log collecitons using "localhost" " versus "Settings=>Data Input=>Local event log collections".

My first question would be are there are any differences (positive or negative) between these two approaches? Since there are no noticeable problems, I am assuming no, but did want to get your thoughts on this. Secondly, Does local collection configured as either "Local" or "Remote" "Local inputs" methods both use WMI to obtain the logs?

Lastly, is there is a local monitoring alternative to using WMI for Security Log Collection on a heavily audited Splunk Server? Alternatively, does local monitoring with WMI (with AD Account versus LocalSystem) actually contribute to File and Object Access?

Thank you for your review and comments,


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First, If i know the exact configuration of your system, I will let you know correct answer.

Second, Yes, collection of event log data from remote machines can use either WMI or a universal forwarder.

Lastly, This question doesn't seem to be the part I can answer. I would like to hear what others are thinking.


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