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DMC Indexer Performance - Queue information is missing

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I've taken over managing two Splunk environments a while back, one in a Test environment and another in a Prod environment. Was looking through the DMC in Indexer Performance and noticed that the indexer queue information is empty, but all other panels are fine. Indexing rate, pipelines, cpu usage and everything are all showing up, but the queues and the fill ratios are empty.

I checked through the indexes and all of the internal splunkd, introspection, metrics, etc are all being indexed for the indexers and other splunk servers, but the queue information is showing as 0% no matter how far I go back.

All other information for indexers, search heads, forwarders, and etc seem to show up, but just these two panels in both environments are not monitoring properly.

Any help is appreciated. Still trying to look through the configuration.
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