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Summary indexes licensing usage: Is it counted against the license?

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I see in the docs splunk doc that summary indexing does not count against your license. It also says that summary indexes are built via transforming searches over event data. 

If I use a scheduled report that does not use a transforming command and saves the data to an index will that count against the license? Ie I want to extract a subset of data from the main index and save certain fields to a new index so that a role doesn't have access to all the data.

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Quoting from the docs:

All summarized data has a special default source type. Events summarized in a summary events index have a source type of stash. Metric data points summarized in a summary metrics index have a source type of mcollect_stash.

If you use commands like collect or mcollect to change these source types to anything other than stash (for events) or mcollect_stash (for metric data points), you will incur license usage charges for those events or metric data points

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