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Querying License Master data to send to Summary Index

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I am trying to see how I can basically re-push historical license data from our License Master to a Summary Index.

What I have now is:
1) Data from the LM is being forwarded to the main indexers
2) I have the Chargeback app running and helping create Summary Data to the Summary Index.

My challenge is that for data before the beginning of November, we were not forwarding data to the main indexers. Might it be possible to have the LM be a Search Head for the main indexers, and then run the Search Reports to dump to the Summary index to help with backfill?


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Or maybe, would this work?
1) Create the same Summary Index on the LM
2) Run the Summary Reports for the older data on the LM
3) Then, would the data flow over to the main index?


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