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Problems Setting Host Values Based On Event Data

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I have a v4.1.4 full forwarder setup to forward the Windows system and application event logs to a v4.1.4 indexer. At this point, events coming from both event logs have the hostname of the forwarder (sbkhpsim1) in the "host=" field. However, in the application event log only, I need to substitute the forwarder's hostname in the "host=" field to the name of a host within the event. Below are the inputs.conf, props.conf, and transforms.conf files from the forwarder. The REGEX to do the substitution works, so I don't think that's the issue. ANY help is appreciated.


host = sbkhpsim1

disabled = false

disabled = false
sourcetype = WindowsAppEventLog


TRANSFORMS-sim = GetEventOrigName


REGEX = ^Event\soriginator:\s(\w+\-?\w+)
DEST_KEY = MetaData:Host
FORMAT = host::$1

Event Text

05/15/12 07:30:01 AM
SourceName=HP Systems Insight Manager
Message=sbkesx14: (SNMP) Accelerator Board Status Change (3038): 
Event Name: (SNMP) Accelerator Board Status Change (3038)
Event originator: sbkesx14
Event Severity: Critical
Event received: 15-May-2012, 07:28:51

Event description: Accelerator Board Status Change.  This trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of an array accelerator cache board.  The current status is represented by the variable cpqDaAccelStatus.  User Action: If the accelerator board status is permDisabled(5), you may need to replace the accelerator board.

Location: Slot 6
Model: sa-p400
Serial Number: PA2270J9SW1878
Total Memory: 524288
Status: tmpDisabled
Error Code: lowBattery
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I think the caret (^) in the regex is the culprit. If I remember correctly, the line doesn't start there, the text is indented. Also, you may wish to state that it's a multiline event. Try the following regex;


Hope this helps,


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fixed typo. sorry. /k

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