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Hello everyone.

Hi everyone.
Does anyone know what is the contact email for splunk tech support?
I need to know if I can integrate the Cortex Cloud platform to Splunk Cloud.
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Hi @JuanAntonio,

The only Splunk tech support I know is but this address is only to open cases not for technical informations.

If you need a technical information like the one you spoke, you can ask to your Technical Channel Manager (if you're a Splunk Partner) or to your Splunk Partner (if you're a customer).

Otherwise the only choices are documentation and/or Community.

Searching in splunkbase I found that there's an app for Cortex (, but I didn't used it.

In the documentation related to this app there's this link that could be useful for you but i cannot help more.



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Hi @gcusello 

Thanks for the support.
Do you know how I can open a case in splunk so that my questions can be answered?
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