Why can't I access Splunk web interface?



I am unable to access splunk web interface.

I have taken 1 ec2 instance from aws  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 with High Availability

installed  the splunk in /opt

[root@ip-172-31-82-137 splunk]# netstat -an | grep 8000
tcp 0 0* LISTEN


[root@ip-172-31-82-137 splunk]# sestatus
SELinux status: disabled
[root@ip-172-31-82-137 splunk]#

sudo ./splunk restart
Stopping splunkd...
Shutting down. Please wait, as this may take a few minutes.
.. [ OK ]
Stopping splunk helpers...
[ OK ]

Splunk> Take the sh out of IT.

Checking prerequisites...
Checking http port [8000]: open
Checking mgmt port [8089]: open
Checking appserver port []: open
Checking kvstore port [8191]: open
Checking configuration... Done.
Checking critical directories... Done
Checking indexes...
Validated: _audit _configtracker _internal _introspection _metrics _metrics_rollup _telemetry _thefishbucket history main summary
Checking filesystem compatibility... Done
Checking conf files for problems...
Checking default conf files for edits...
Validating installed files against hashes from '/opt/splunk/splunk-9.0.0-6818ac46f2ec-linux-2.6-x86_64-manifest'
All installed files intact.
All preliminary checks passed.

Starting splunk server daemon (splunkd)...
PYTHONHTTPSVERIFY is set to 0 in splunk-launch.conf disabling certificate validation for the httplib and urllib libraries shipped with the embedded Python interpreter; must be set to "1" for increased security
[ OK ]

Waiting for web server at to be available.............. Done

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The Splunk web interface is at http://ip-172-31-82-137.ec2.internal:8000


I see error under web_service log

2022-07-16 06:55:45,844 INFO [62d260ef597f205fe25d10] root:733 - CONFIG: error_page.default (method):
<bound method ErrorController.handle_error of
<splunk.appserver.mrsparkle.controllers.error.ErrorController object at 0x7f205e9e6090>>

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@chandra777 - It seems firewall/network issue.


I hope this helps!!!

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