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I'm doing prep work for my 8.2.6 upgrade to 9.0.1 and I have a couple of apps which are not listed as compatible with 9.0 in Splunkbase. These are:

Splunk Datasets Add-on | Splunkbase

Splunk Secure Gateway - Get started with Splunk Secure Gateway - Splunk Documentation

I note that in the Splunk docs for both of these apps that it indicates that they are built into Splunk. 

My question is, should I delete these two from the etc/apps folder BEFORE I do the upgrade?

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I think that you don't need to do anything for those. Both of those seems to be a part of core Splunk Enterprise on premises version.

SSG has been part of core splunk sine 8.1.x or latest 8.2.0?

The Splunk Datasets Add-on is preinstalled with Splunk Cloud instances of version 6.5.x or later and Splunk Enterprise (on prem) 8.1 or later.

r. Ismo

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