Python upgrade readiness app: Why Integrity check failing after update?

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I recently upgraded Splunk Enterprise (and Heavy Forwarder) instances to 8.2.5 and 8.2.6. Both versions (maybe others too) install the Python Upgrade Readiness App 1.0 as default. Then Splunk asked to update the App to 3.1.  Nicely done from Splunk, but after the restart, the Integrity check starts to complain about the missing files of 1.0 version. It is annoying. Is there a way to "teach" Splunk the new version? (I know the check could be completely turned off, but I won't like to lose the information if ever something important changes.)

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Thanks for the tip, but I think it's not helping me in this case.

1. All my instances have the same issue after update - So I have no "working" manifest file to replace...

2. in the current file the python_upgrade_readiness_app has 1000 rows. I'm not going to edit the hashes 🙂

3. I can delete the app and restore the original 1.0 - no more integrity issue, but Splunk would like to update the app, so the circle begins...

I have the feeling, that this is something for Splunk Support.  Seems to me the update "forgot" to record the new version into the manifest file. As a homemade solution, I can totally remove the app's records from the manifest, so nothing to check - no integrity warning. But I do not like this way.

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I have the same question.

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