How to rollback to trial license



I'm using the trial version  (60 days) of Splunk  Version: which I installed few days ago on my windows machine

I changed the licensing to Heavy forwarder, but I try to a search I got this error

Error in 'litsearch' command: Your Splunk license expired or you have exceeded your license limit too many times. Renew your Splunk license by visiting or calling 866.GET.SPLUNK.

My  APP Data is local performance monitoring ( Processor : Select counter C1 Time, User Time DPC Rate, and selected instances 0 1 2 3  total )

I can not go back the trial entreprise license I don't exceed the trial period. is it possible to rollback this configuration and go back to trial enterprise license ?


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Maybe there's some secret trick but in general - no. The trial license is meant to be activated upon install and used once for up to 60 days. You have to remove your installation and do a clean reinstall.

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