How to find the root cause of high license usage?

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I can see for a particular day, license usage is so high. How to find the root cause of the high license usage? I need to pinpoint the index/source/sourcetype which had consumed high license on that particular day.

How to do that?

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you have the current version of Splunk Enterprise, take a look at the License usage report view. It enables you to split by source type, among other things.

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I had the same issues a while back. Once I deployed Splunk On Splunk to all of our indexers I was able to pinpoint exactly what sourcetype/source/host was pushing us over our indexing limit. When in the S.O.S. app, I go to Indexing -> Distributed Indexing Performance. At the top of that page is a section for Real-Time measured indexing rate and latency. You can run that against source, host, sourcetype, index or Splunk server. There are several other sections within the app that will help find the root cause.

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