How to do Integration of SAP Business Technology Platform(Cloud Foundry) as PAAS to Splunk cloud platform?

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We are using SAP Business Technology Platform(Cloud Foundry) as PAAS and we want to drain application logs to Splunk cloud platform. Please provide implementation steps.

Currently we are using Kibana service for log monitoring on SAP Business Technology Platform(Cloud Foundry).

Now we want to drain syslog and application log to Splunk cloud platform from SAP Business Technology Platform(Cloud Foundry).

We need all necessary steps to set-up integration from SAP Business Technology Platform(Cloud Foundry) to Splunk cloud platform.

We are new to splunk and want to do simple PoC on it with integration set-up. 

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Welcome to Splunk!!

If your data is already written in files (syslog) you can use Splunk Universal Forwarder to monitor those files and folders and collect the logs. -

If your data is coming through UDP or something you can use syslog to write them in the file for the best practice.

You can use one of the two inputs:

* monitor - Just read the files and put data in Splunk

* batch - Read the files, put data in Splunk and remove the files


Splunk cloud team should be able to help you forward that data to Splunk cloud indexers from that UF. Please make sure to take security measures and read the documentation. -

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Dear Vatsal,

Thanks for your reply.

Currently our applications are deployed on SAP business technology platform which uses cloud foundry environment.

We want to use Splunk HTTP Event Collector so that our Java and node.js application log can be monitored in Splunk Cloud Platform.

How can we do integration set-up of cloud foundry(Java and node.js application) deployed application with Splunk Cloud Platform using Splunk HTTP Event Collector ?

We need to do quick PoC on feasibility check for the same.

Your help will be very useful to finish this PoC and we can take decision to use Splunk Cloud in our application.

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I do not have much idea about the cloud-foundry platform. But here are some example how you can use HEC. 

See if you can use that with your cloud-foundry platform.


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