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how to pass "fields" parameter in services/collector rest api?

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Hello Experts,
I am working on HEC rest api's /services/collector. Passing fields as given in the examples but getting "no data" error. Is there any configuration i need to take care?

Eg: {"event": "something happened", "fields": {"severity": "INFO", "category": ["foo", "bar"]}

"text": "No data",
"code": 5

Thanks in advance!
Mamatha M

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HEC will not allow you to pass arbitrary metadata fields. "fields" is not a required field in the HEC protocol. Only the following are supported at the movement -

    "time": 1426279439, 
    "host": "localhost",
    "source": "datasource",
    "sourcetype": "txt",
    "index": "main",
    "event": { "hello": "world" }
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