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Why am I getting "ERROR UiPythonFallback - Appserver at never started up!" on my Splunk 6.2.1 indexers?


I am new to Splunk, and noticed the web interface for my Indexers is offline.

After reviewing the logs I found the below error messages:

ERROR UiPythonFallback - Appserver at never started up!
ERROR UiPythonFallback - Couldn't start any appserver processes, UI will probably not function correctly!

Initially there was a duplicate application error, with a _cluster directory present in different app directories.
Following the answers to another question I clean all of _cluster directories up.

This does not impact my heavy forwarders, only the indexers.
I'm using a RHEL VP on AWS running Splunk 6.2.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


I was stuck on this error for a long time. When I removed the last application that I installed from /apps/splunk/etc/apps/ and restarted splunk, it came up fine. I suspect there was an issue with the latest App that I tried to install. Manually removing and restarting seemed to fix it.

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If your AWS machine is offline, this could help:


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I ran into a similar set of errors in my AWS logs. When I tried to connect to the web interface, I would get a response of "500 No appservers running." The root cause turned out to be auditd hogging disk I/O. Not sure if you have the same issue, but you might try disabling the auditd service and see if that does anything.

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