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VMware addon in unable to collect data from vcenter in distributerd environment


Hi Everyone,

I am suppose to configure a VMware add-on in my environment to collect data from Vcenters.
I have been configured DCN as one of my HF in the environment and Vcenter connections are also connecting.

Started the scheduler on Search head, still betting the error as below: 

2020-08-05 11:31:25,661 ERROR [ta_vmware_collection_scheduler://puff] Problem with hydra scheduler ta_vmware_collection_scheduler://puff: establishCollectionManifest() got an unexpected keyword argument 'is_timediff_lt_4hr' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/SA-Hydra/bin/hydra/", line 2130, in run total_heads=head_count, is_timediff_lt_4hr=is_timediff_lt_4hr, old_token_list=old_token_list) TypeError: establishCollectionManifest() got an unexpected keyword argument 'is_timediff_lt_4hr'

Anyone please let me know if you resolved such error for Hydra TA i.e scheduler to collect data.

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