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Splunk VMWare Addon - No Hydra Workers


I've installed a VM Ware OVA DCN. I successfully hooked it up to Vcenter and got a list of 30+ hosts. However, anytime I try to get any data I keep getting errors "Attempted to assign jobs but we have no active workers to assign to. Restarting Scheduler..."

Looked at the raw hydra coda it seems like I am getting an empty node manifest and zero nodes are available. I am def missing something here.

I assume the procedure is

  1. install VM Ware add on OVA. (Complete)
  2. Hook it up VCenter (Complete)
  3. Forward data to Splunk (Complete - I tested adding log files on the OVA install, they successfully fwd data to Splunk).

But for some reason Hydra refuses to find any workers.

As an aside, is there perhaps an easier way to forward ESXI node data to Splunk? Something more trivial than these OVA add-ons ?


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in the vmware addon you have a scheduler, which you hook up to vmware (which you did), then DCNs, or data collection nodes, which do the actual pulling of data. this can be the same box that's a scheduler (just point to localhost) or another splunk HF. have you assigned any boxes to be a DCN, yet?

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