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Splunk SC4S and barracuda



I am new to Splunk.  I have successfully got our SC4S server setup and sending info to Splunk.  I am working on getting data in from our Barracuda Web Filter.  The data is going in but getting assigned a source type of nix:syslog.  I have installed the BarracudaWebFilter app in Splunk but for it to work I am reading the sourcetype needs to be "barracuda".   I believe I need to add a line in the splunk_metadata.csv file on the SC4S server but not sure what it should be.  Anybody else set this up and have any info the could provide.


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Hi can you help with the steps for setting up the sc4s server for getting syslog data into Splunk , I have gone through the document but it's quite confusing.

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