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REST API Modular Input add on stopped reading data


i am using REST API Modular Input add on to ingest data from PRTG in JSON format which was working fine until yesterday when i tried to add some more configs to better process the data (props.conf and inputs.conf - a minor change in the endpoint). but strangely the data ingest stopped after the change, the endpoint query works fine since its working in the browser, checked splunkd logs as well there is nothing much that i can see from the time the data stopped coming in, did anyone face similar issues earlier?

this is my inputs.conf
activation_key = <key>
auth_password = <username>
auth_type = basic
auth_user = <password>
endpoint = https://<IP>/api/table.json?content=sensors&output=json&columns=objid,probe,group,device,host,sensor,status,message,lastvalue,priority&count=100&username=<user>&passhash=<pass>
host = <ip>
http_method = GET
index = prtg
index_error_response_codes = 0
log_level = INFO
response_type = json
sequential_mode = 0
sourcetype = mysourcetype
streaming_request = 0
disabled = 0
this is the props.conf
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