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Linux Splunk server and Windows Event Logs?

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I am confused about using Splunk installed on a Linux OS and viewing Windows Event logs. I plan to send all of my logs to a syslog-ng server then forward everything from syslog-ng to a Linux Splunk indexer. What are limitations with using Splunk on Linux and viewing windows event logs? From my understanding that if you send the Windows Event logs to Splunk via syslog or the Universal Forwarder then there is no problem? You just cannot use WMI to remotely poll the Windows machines from the Linux Splunk? is this correct?

What are the ways you cannot view Windows Events with a Linux version of Splunk?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You are correct. The only limitations are in collecting the data. If you use a WIndows Universal Forwarder or WMI to collect the data, it does not make any different whether the indexer or search head is running on Linux or Windows.

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