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How can we monitor binary log data in splunk? is invalid. Reason: binary


I have a python script that read data from the stdin, convert the input and output human readable text to the stdout.
this is my current setup:


sourcetype = pacct_binary


invalid_cause = archive
unarchive_cmd = /opt/splunk/etc/apps/search/bin/

I experimented with multiple configurations in inputs.conf and props.conf. No matter what I do I always get the following warning when splunk start and I don't see my sourcetype in splunk web gui.

WARN  FileClassifierManager - The file '/var/account/pacct' is invalid. Reason: binary
INFO  TailingProcessor - Ignoring file '/var/account/pacct' due to: binary

Anyone can post an exemple of a inputs.conf and props.conf that would let me load this binary file.




You can simply ignore the binary check as well using the following props attribute.

# Binary file configuration

NO_BINARY_CHECK = [true|false]
* When set to true, Splunk processes binary files.
* Can only be used on the basis of [<sourcetype>], or [source::<source>], not [host::<host>].
* Defaults to false (binary files are ignored).
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Is there a reason for using monitor for this? The best option imho would be to run your script directly as a script input and have Splunk simply read its stdout.

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No real reason. I'm new to Splunk. Thank you for the script input suggestion.

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