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Error during Splunk forwarder upgrade from 7.2.0 to 8.1.0

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Getting below error after executing below command 

./splunk start --accept-license --answer-yes

It seems that the Splunk default certificates are being used. If certificate validation is turned on using the default certificates (not-recommended), this may result in loss of communication in mixed-version Splunk environments after upgrade.

"/base_app/splunk/splunkforwarder/etc/auth/ca.pem": already a renewed Splunk certificate: skipping renewal
"/base_app/splunk/splunkforwarder/etc/auth/cacert.pem": already a renewed Splunk certificate: skipping renewal
ERROR: Valid migration mode not specified.
ERROR while running migrate-distsearch-conf migration.

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Did anyone ever offer any answer to this issue.  I am running into the same problem.

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