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DB Connect and Lookup Caching


Im looking into using the DB Connect app to provide a db lookup source. I noticed that there are settings in the java.conf file that sound like they may cache the values into memory that are being provided from the database. Can someone provide more details about these settings and how they affect DB Connect. Does it work while using search head pooling?



cache = true|false
* When set to true, database lookup definitions are cached in memory

cache.size = <n>
* The cache size for database lookups definitions (number of entries)

cache.invalidation.timeout = <relative_time_expression>
* The amount of the before a database lookup definition is considered invalid

* and removed from the cache.

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Ran into this same issue but using DBX does cache results of your db query... sometimes. We have lots of savedsearches that are populated into our dashboards using DBX. Some panels get cached while others don't. To me, it's a mystery why this is as if you look at the searchid (SID) in your dispatch directory, you definitely see the file "results.csv.gz". The existence of that file should make Splunk load the cached results of that particular job before it's next scheduled run-time.

So, what we've done to get all our panels populated with cached results is to run 'loadjob' of the scheduled savedsearch name and shove that as a panel into our dashboard. Now, my guys are happy as they don't have to wait for 20+ mins for data to get populated while accessing their dashboard.

We're using Splunk 6.0 with DBX v1.1.3.

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i read that config file as saying that the lookup definitions are cached, not the results of a lookup

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According to the DBX manual (, "Splunk will not cache the results between invocations of the lookup."

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Yeah I saw that mentioned in the docs however the java.conf file is hinting otherwise.

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