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Can I restrict the log ingestion when the index capacity reaches its limit on per day basis?



In Splunk cloud, Can I restrict the log ingestion when the index capacity reaches its limit on per day basis?

I have logs which is exceeding its indexing capacity on certain days. Is there any way I can block ingestion if the capacity reaches its threshold?

Also, I have another question, Is it possible for me to edit the configuration files to filter logs or send it null queue on the Splunk cloud?

If I want to create custom app to do so. Please share me any related documents to follow.


Mala Sundaramoorthy

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Hi @mala_splunk_91,

as @VatsalJagani said, there isn't any automatic way to do this.

Obviously you can create an alert that fires when you're reaching e.g. the 50% at midday or the 80% at 5 PM.

So you can turn off some input when the alert fires, but not automatically.

Maybe it's  possible having Phantom, but I never tried.

about configurations, you can modify them only by interface on Splunk Cloud.

It's easier if you have to take on-premise logs using Forwarders, but anyway, always in manual mode not automatically.

About the way to create a custom App, it's a very easy App:

It will be easier when the data Stream Processor will be available (



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I hope this helps!!!

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