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Alternate ways of accessing Settings >> Data Inputs page

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Data Inputs page throwing 500 internal server error in Splunk version 6.4.2 (Free license). What are the other alternate ways to access this Data inputs scheduled task, say

  1. I want to change the sql query that populates the data into index or changing the cron expression or disabling a data input task or adding a new data input sql task
  2. In which folder this information/settings/configuration will be present? If i directly modify the file that contains this data input configuration and restart the service will it work?
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Another way to get to it Settings >> Add Data OR .../en-US/manager/search/adddata

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So are you using the dbconnect app? If so, I think you should be able to manage the inputs from that app (at least with version 1.x). If that doesn't work, then you can use btool to find where that configuration is on the file system. It will be under whichever app you were in when you created the input in Splunk Web. Something like:

[splunk home]/bin/splunk btool inputs list --debug 

Side note, I do think that some versions of dbconnect break the data inputs page. So if you are using that app, review the release notes to see if that's what you're running into.

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