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Moving from splunk2.jar to new jar file splunk-1.0.jar

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Right now when we are using the splunk2.jar and we are using the code

SplunkClient client = new SplunkClient(url.trim()+":"+port.trim());
client.login(username, password);
SearchManager smgr = client.getSearchManager();

JobParameters jobParameters = new JobParameters(); jobParameters.Search = prequery + query.trim(); jobParameters.setEarliestTime(startDate);

SearchJob job = smgr.dispatchAndWait(jobParameters);
CookedParameters cp = new CookedParameters(); List fields = new ArrayList(); fields.add("_raw"); fields.add("host"); fields.add("sourcetype"); fields.add("source"); cp.FieldList = fields; cp.Count = 2500;

JsonArray jsa = job.getCookedResultsJSON(cp);

But now we wanted to upgrade to splunk-1.0.jar file. None of this code is compatable with the splunk-1.0 jar. How will the code change with respect to the new jar file?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The splunk2.jar on is legacy code and no longer available and/or supported. The SDKs available on Developer Platform are the ones that are officially kept up to date with the latest Splunk versions.

Unfortunately there is no documented migration path but we have very rich documentation on the the Splunk SDK for Java. How-To section has sample code for running searches and displaying results. You can use that as a reference and update your code accordingly.

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