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How do I filter events and extract fields in a single regular expression command


How do I merge these two regular expressions? (which are identical but one for filtering events, the other for extracting fields)

I am | regex _raw = "I am (?<Name>.*)" | rex "I am (?<Name>.*)" | stats count Count by Name

I already tried

I am | setfields Name = 0 | rex "I am (?<Name>.*)" | where Name != 0 | stats count Count by Name

Somehow it didn't work, until I changed where Name != 0 to where not Name = 0.

From what I learnt in other answers, the behavior of Name != 0 and not Name = 0 would differ when Name doesn't exist, but in this case Name should always exist after setfields Name = 0.

Did I miss something?

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Bottom line is you don't do both in same regex. It looks like you are trying to only count by Name when there is a value for Name. Try this...

I am | regex _raw = "I am (?<Name>.*)" | stats count AS Count by Name

Stats will only count the when there is a value for Name.

Should get same results with this where the search Name=* requires Name.

I am | regex _raw = "I am (?<Name>.*)" | search Name=* | stats count AS Count by Name
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