Deployment Architecture

indexer clustering with 1 master and many peer node to auto configured using fqdn with indexer load balanced along with forwarder side work also load balanced , All this to be operate from one single search head sitting on the forwarder.

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My Splunk experiment requirement is to configure an instance which acts like both forwarder and search head.
and indexer clustering should get configured automatically based on fqdn etc...

How to do the indexer clustering with one master and many peer indexers automatically configure through the script or any other way through Splunk yaml file also forwarder and indexer side work is autoload balanced.

If someone can share the clear details of this auto deployment would be helpful with a pointer to the right script/config file.


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try this:

and this:

i am a ware there are ansible playbooks but dont know from th e top of my head where to find a published one

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