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Why can I not push config from deployer to search head cluster?



I recently upgraded our deployer/deployment server from 8.1.6 to version 9.0 and when I try to push configuration to our search head cluster i get an error that I have not seen before:

[splunk@aa130XXXXX bin]$ ./splunk apply shcluster-bundle -target https://aa130XXXXX:8089

 Warning: Depending on the configuration changes being pushed, this command might initiate a rolling restart of the cluster members.  Please refer to the documentation for the details. Do you wish to continue? [y/n]: y

WARNING: Server Certificate Hostname Validation is disabled. Please see server.conf/[sslConfig]/cliVerifyServerName for details.

Your session is invalid.  Please login.

Splunk username: XXXXX


Error in pre-deploy check, uri=https://aa130XXXXX:8089/services/shcluster/captain/kvstore-upgrade/status, status=401, error=No error

Our search head cluster is still on version 8.1.6


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Hello @erw550 , we have exactly the same issue.
Have you solved the issue by upgrading SHC to 9.0 or in any other way?

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There are new requirements for certificates in version 9.0. We hade to go back to version 8.1.6.

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The SHC needs to be updated to match the deployer version.

The alternative is to separate the DS from the deployer and only upgrade the DS to 9.0.

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Here is more information about security changes on splunk 9.0.0 Also this should read before updates

r. Ismo

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