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Standalone Monitoring Console shows all roles on a Deployment Server or Search Head

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Seems like all of our Splunk servers are running the Monitoring Console in what I recon is the Standalone mode.

When we go to the Monitoring Console on the Cluster Master it shows all the proper roles on all our servers.  For example the Indexers are only running the Indexer role, the Search Heads are just Search Heads, the Deployment Servers are just Deployment Servers.

However on each individual server their Monitoring Consoles show each server as having all the roles including License Master.

I am a total new with Splunk with less than 2 years experience, and any time I think I know something, I discover something like this that makes me go wth.

Can someone explain to me or suggest what I should do, I hate just ignoring things, so should I make all the individual Monitoring Consoles match the roles of the servers as represented on the Cluster Mater?

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Choose one instance to be your Monitoring Console and configure it in distributed mode.  It sounds like your CM is the best candidate.  Ignore the MC on all other instances and leave them in standalone mode.

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