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We are going to evaluate Splunk but we are not sure that it will serve everything we need, to see if you can help us.
On the one hand we need to upload log files and process them (so far we do it with an old version of Elastic Search). They are mainly IIS logs.
We also want to collect metrics from the applications we develop. Applications that are on premises.

But we are also migrating part of the developments to Azure. We have there from databases to kubernetes and microservices. The Splunk page makes many references to AWS, but not to Azure. Can Splunk Monitor Azure Seamlessly? Monitor Kubernetes, the logs it generates, the microservices, etc.

I haven't commented on it, but we wouldn't install Splunk on our own server. Either it would be in your Cloud or directly in our Azure.



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Hi @mgfeal,

you can use Splunk Cloud (on AWS) or install it on your infrastructure (on premise or in your cloud), also Azure.

About the logs to monitor, you can monitor all kind of log, about Azure Seamlessly and Monitor Kubernetes, there are also spcific apps to ingest and parse logs, and to show results in dashboards.

For more infos you can search the apps you need in, for your knowledge: Add-ons are used to ingest and parse data, apps are used for showing data, so you could use:

You have only to choose the right one, and in Community you can find the experience of people that used the apps.

For each app, you have the possibility to download the app and the documentation.



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