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Splunk Database Information Help for a School Project

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Hi! I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University, and I'm trying to write a short article on the Splunk Database Management System (DBMS) for my database systems course. I need details such as the following:
1. How does Splunk DBMS take checkpoints? What kind of checkpoints are they (fuzzy vs non-fuzzy)?
2. Does it support database compression?
3. Does it support transactions and what concurrency scheme does it use?
4. Does it support foreign keys?
5. What join algorithms does it support?
6. Does it use any logging scheme?
7. What query processing model does it use?
8. What kind of data model does it support?
9. What Operating Systems does it support?
10. What language was the DBMS written in?
Where can I find information about these topics? Thank you so much!

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