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Search Head Cluster - can't add members after captain bootstrap (8.1.2)


I am rebuilding a SH cluster from scratch. I've followed the documentation carefully to this point. I have the shcluster captain bootstrapped and splunk show shcluster-status shows the captain as the only member, but the bootstrapping process failed to add my member nodes due to comms errors. Pretty sure I've got those fixed now. 

When I do splunk add shcluster-member -current_member_uri https://ip-address-of-captain:8089 on a member node, it tells me: 


current_member_uri is pointing back to this same node. It should point to a node that is already a member of a cluster. 


Obviously, I have checked and re-checked the uri, which I believe is correct (https://ip-address-of-captain:8089), and that is set right in server.conf on both sides. There is no IP conflict and the servers have no issue communicating. 

If I run splunk add shcluster-member -new_member_uri https://ip-address-of-member:8089 from the captain, it tells me:


Failed to proxy call to member https://ip-address-of-member:8089


Google tells me this can be an issue with the pass4SymmKey, and to that end, I have updated the pass4SymmKey on both sides and restarted the instances a few times, to no avail. 

I'm stumped. Where did I go wrong that I can't get these search heads to cluster up nicely?

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