Deployment Architecture

Need a help to setup distributed monitoring console


Hi All,

We are planning to build on separate Linux server for DMC and we have below components.

Search Head cluster - 2 search head cluster member 

Deployer/Cluster Master/License master - 1 server

Index cluster - 3 Indexer

Deployment Server - 1server

What are hardware requirement for DMC and configuration steps to monitor the rest of components(7 servers) in DMC.

Please share us the plan.

Thank You!


With Regards,

Santhana Bharathi




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Just one addon to your arhitecture. Search head cluster should have at least 3 members. Otherwise it won't be able to elect the search head captain. 

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The hardware requirements for Splunk are at (the MC is just a search head), although you could get away with a much smaller instance.

The steps for setting up a Monitoring Console are at

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