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How to programmatically add an application to a server class in deployment server?


I have to create and configure a few dozen serverclasses. Trying to script it.

I can create the serverclasses just fine with the deployment/server/serverclasses/{name} REST endpoint, and can use the link rel="edit" endpoint from that to make changes to the newly created serverclass and add hosts to the whitelist. Works great.

What I can NOT figure out how to do is to add applications to the serverclass. The XML indicates that there may be a link for accessing the applications (see the rel="applications"):

 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/server/serverclasses/app0" rel="list"/>
 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/server/serverclasses/app0/_reload" rel="_reload"/>
 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/server/serverclasses/app0" rel="edit"/>
 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/server/serverclasses/app0" rel="remove"/>
 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/serverclasses/app0/applications" rel="applications"/>
 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/serverclasses/app0/clients" rel="clients"/>
 <link href="/servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/serverclasses/app0/reload" rel="reload"/>

But that /servicesNS/nobody/system/deployment/serverclasses/app0/applications URL is giving me a 404. (There is a
servicesNS/nobody/search/deployment/server/serverclasses/app0/applications URL, but the XML I get back doesn't have an link rel="edit" endpoint listed, so I don't see where that's going to be the solution).

How does one programmatically add an application to a serverclass?

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That's it! You don't add applications to a serverclass, you add and remove serverclasses to/from the application.

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