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How to index Nix metrics via Splunk Add-on for Splunk Nix instances?


I want to monitor our Linux Splunk instances and am using the Splunk Add-on for Nix to collect metrics data and am sending it to em_metrics index and monitoring them as SAI entities via SAI on search head. 

We have a clustered environment. I am trying to get data from 3 members indexer cluster and 3 members SH cluster. We have universal forwarders installed on all of our instances. I tried to deploy the add-on to UF’s but I couldn’t see the entities on SAI (no data coming through from the hosts). 

Now I have installed Nix add-on to the indexer cluster and SH cluster and have changed the inputs to send data to em_metrics index being used in SAI. 

The issue that I am facing is for the indexer/SH cluster it is only displaying indexer master and SH cluster captain entities in SAI. I can see the IP's of other members in the dimensions of entities, but I want each host as a seperate entity. 

Could anyone please guide me through if I am doing something wrong or how I can achieve what I want to see SAI app? I have been stuck for a few days, so any help is appreciated. 


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