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How to configure a multisite indexer clustering environment?

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Hi Friends ,

We have to create a multisite indexer clustering environment where Site 1 & Site 2 both will have 2 indexers at each site, overall 4 indexers. Overall 1 Search head will be there with a standby search head. Now I have two questions regarding the same.

  1. While Configuring outputs.conf of the universal forwarder, I want the logs of all the servers at site 1 must only go to site 1 indexers(in HA) and in case of both the indexers fails at site 1 logs should go to the 2 indexers of site 2 . What would be the configuration of site. If I use Auto load balancing and mention all 4 indexers in "server = indexer1:9997,indexer2:9997,Indexer3:9997,indexer4:9997" this will distribute logs in all of them. How could I use TCP_Routing in this scenario and what would be the outputs.conf file final configuration?

  2. To enable multisite clustering between Site1 & Site 2, what would be the server.conf file stanzas in the indexers of site1 & Site 2 ?

Thanks in advance ..

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Overview about multisite clustering and sample configuration can be found here

Regarding, forwarders switching to different sites, the procedure is manual for now.

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Hi Mahamed ,

Thanks for your response .

For forwarder switching should we go for auto load balancing then ?

What would be the ideal output.conf config of the universal forwarder ?

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