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Configuration Baseline Consistency and Number of Unpublished Changes showing N/A in Monitoring Console

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I added two new SH's to an existing SH cluster. Everything seems to have gone fine. They both started up fine, they are both returning search results and they are looking good from the splunk show shcluster-status command. Furthermore they both look mostly good in the monitoring console. However when I go to search > Search Head Clustering > Status and Configuration in the monitoring console one of the hosts is showing "N/A" in the Status panel for both the Configuration Baseline Consistency and Number of Unpublished Changes column while the other is looking good and showing data as expected.

I tried the following:

  • splunk restart
  • splunk resync shcluster-replicated-config
  • splunk transfer shcluster-captain -mgmt_uri...

But I am still not having any luck getting this to change from N/A. Should I be concerned about this? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Did you manually add them as Search Peers within the Monitoring Console UI?

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