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useless pie chart format options

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I want to gererate a pie chart, and use the following lines. But I find some options are useless.

  1. legend.placement=top. There is no legend in the chart.
  2. charting.sliceCollapsingThreshold=0.2. It always uses the default value 0.01.
  3. charting.sliceCollapsingLabel=Other User. It displays the dafault value "Other".

Is this a bug or i missed something? Is the option name in advanced view "charting. XXXX" or "charting.PieChart.XXXX"?

Thanks & Regards,


<module name="HiddenSearch" autoRun="False" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col1">
<param name="search">index="loglog" | stats count by user | sort -count </param>
<module name="HiddenChartFormatter">
<param name="chart">pie</param>
<param name="primaryAxisTitle.text">Pie Chart Test</param>
<param name="secondaryAxisTitle.text">Count</param>
<param name="legend.placement">top</param>
<param name="charting.sliceCollapsingThreshold">0.2</param>
<param name="charting.sliceCollapsingLabel">AAAAA</param>
<module name="JobProgressIndicator"/>
<module name="FlashChart">
                                                <param name="width">100%</param>
                                                <param name="height">400px</param>
                                                <module name="ConvertToDrilldownSearch">
<module name="ViewRedirector">
    <param name="popup">True</param>
    <param name="viewTarget">ipop_advanced_search_all</param>
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this works for me on Splunk 5.0.5:

<param name="charting.chart.sliceCollapsingThreshold">0</param> OR 
<param name="charting.chart.sliceCollapsingThreshold">0.00</param>

and this don't

<option name="charting.chart.sliceCollapsingThreshold">0</option>
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It looks like it might actually be "charting.chart.sliceCollapsingThreshold" now.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The parameter names should be:

  • charting.legend.placement
  • charting.chart.PieChart.sliceCollapsingThreshold
  • charting.chart.PieChart.sliceCollapsingLabel

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thank you for your reply, even so, it does not take effect.

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