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Transaction Per Second and Percentiles from Access Log of Traefik



I have traefik access log in json format with below values.

--- Value Samples ---

Duration: 109249593                  ==> [The total time taken (in nanoseconds) by processing the response]

time: 2021-03-20T09:30:01-07:00. ==> [The Request Time]

RequestAddr: example.domain.com. ==> [The HTTP Host header]


I am trying to use these 3 key/values to calculate TPS and also percentiles(using the Duration as response time metric).

I have below query to do TPS as of now.


index=myindex sourcetype=access_log RequestAddr=*.domain.com
| eval count=1 | timechart per_second(count) as TPS by RequestAddr


I am assuming above query will not provide actual TPS since logs are buffered before written to file and then this is pushed by splunk forwarder.

Still a noob figuring out splunk. 

Please let me know any ideas to go about calculating TPS and percentiles using the value samples.

Thank you !

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Hi @shashinandan,

I meant on your monitor input that read these json files use time field as timestamp. Your events will have correct timestamps, you will not need convert time to _time by eval. 

Your first query should work, could you please post a few events for us to guess the problem?

If this reply helps you an upvote is appreciated.


Hello @scelikok,

Thank you for responding !

Please find below an event sample.

{"BackendAddr":"","BackendName":"backend-<servicename>","BackendURL":{"Scheme":"http","Opaque":"","User":null,"Host":"","Path":"","RawPath":"","ForceQuery":false,"RawQuery":"","Fragment":""},"ClientAddr":"","ClientHost":"","ClientPort":"47741","ClientUsername":"-","DownstreamContentSize":100574,"DownstreamStatus":200,"DownstreamStatusLine":"200 OK","Duration":95292255,"FrontendName":"PathPrefix-<servicename>","OriginContentSize":100574,"OriginDuration":95016703,"OriginStatus":200,"OriginStatusLine":"200 OK","Overhead":275552,"RequestAddr":"example.domain.com","RequestContentSize":0,"RequestCount":266290620,"RequestHost":"example.domain.com","RequestLine":"GET /<Request> HTTP/1.1","RequestMethod":"GET","RequestPath":"/<Request>","RequestPort":"-","RequestProtocol":"HTTP/1.1","RetryAttempts":0,"StartLocal":"2021-03-23T19:19:51.901899656-07:00","downstream_Content-Type":"application/json","downstream_Date":"Wed, 24 Mar 2021 02:19:51 GMT","level":"info","msg":"","origin_Content-Type":"application/json","origin_Date":"Wed, 24 Mar 2021 02:19:51 GMT","request_Content-Type":"application/json","request_X-Device-Type":"Handheld with SIM","request_X-Transaction-Id":"OAbYkrBVYFip0fc8azAQg","time":"2021-03-23T19:19:51-07:00"}


I have verified that "_time" and "time" had the same value by executing below query. The monitor input is reading the "time" field as timestamp.

"index=myindex sourcetype=access_log  | table time _time StartLocal"

Also, as you said, I was able to get the a result using below query.

"index=myindex sourcetype=access_log RequestAddr=*.domain.com | timechart span=1s count as TPS by RequestAddr"

Hoping this is an accurate way to know how much transactions the application is handling per second.

Thanks !

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Hi @shashinandan,

If time field in your log file is showing the actual time of request (not being affected by buffering) and using this field as _time while indexing, timechart per_second(count) should calculate correctly. You don't need eval count=1.

If your time field is buffered there is no way to calculate.

If this reply helps you an upvote is appreciated.


Hello @scelikok 

Thank you for your inputs. I might be doing something wrong. Below 2 queries that I tried with your inputs with no results. Can you please let me know what you meant by "using this field as _time while indexing"?

And yes, the "time" is not buffered, it is the actual request time.

--- Queries ---


index=myindex sourcetype=access_log RequestAddr=*.domain.com | eval _time=strptime(time,"%FT%T%z") | timechart per_second(count) by RequestAddr


index=myindex sourcetype=access_log RequestAddr=*.domain.com | timechart per_second(count) by RequestAddr



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