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Sharing a dashboard without requiring a splunk account

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I am working on a dashboard, and I need to be able to show it to my coworkers.
I was hoping to be able to just have an alert send out a link to the dashboard whenever a certain event happens (specifically, status_code_test=FALIED), but the problem is that they don't have a splunk account.

Looking around, embedding the dashboard into a webpage seems like the best solution, but that appears to require editing the config files. I am using only splunkweb, and have never downloaded any files for splunk, so I don't believe I have access to config files.

Any suggestions?

P.S. The insecure risks of embedding the dashboard aren't a problem.

EDIT: Thank you for your answers! However, I have recently learned that I do have access to the config files, so I am able to enable insecure_login in the web.conf file. From there, it's a simple matter of editing HTML and XML, if I've understood the process correctly.

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Splunk Employee

Splunk 6.1 includes a new embedded reports feature! See Embed scheduled reports in the Reporting Manual for details.



"Hi! This page does not exist, or has been removed from the Documentation."


Hi Chris,


All can be found in the above link..


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Hi atreece. Did you get what you needed working? I am also trying to figure out what the html/xml edits are required and the docs are not that helpful. Chris

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You could add your unauthenticated co workers to the email distribution list for the alert and attach a generated PDF with the results that triggered the alert.


Hi! This page does not exist, or has been removed from the Documentation.

To find what you need, you can:

Search using the box in the upper right

Select a manual from the list above and then a topic from the Table of Contents on the left

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Splunk Employee

Odd, the link to the Embed scheduled reports topic was valid, yet wouldn't resolve. I pasted it back in and saved again. It works now for me. The current version of the topic is here:


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Even embedding the dashboard would require credentials to access splunkweb in the first place.
How about something slightly more round-about like a search command or script that outputs the results to a dynamically generated HTML page which you people could then access?

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I have learned that I actually do have access to the config files, so I should be able to embed regularly now.
Even so, could you give an example of your method? I am very interested in how this method would work.

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