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Is it possible to securely initiate JMX calls from Splunk dashboards

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We would like to initiate actions to an Active MQ instance in a Fuse environment via JMX. Is it possible using the workflow actions which support POST and GET or can workflow actions be extended to support JMX calls or maybe via drill-down actions or some other mechanism since workflow actions seem to be restricted to search results?
We would also like to be able to use credentials to authenticate this JMX call. Could we pass the credentials used to log into Splunk or possibly credentials saved in a similar way to the DB connect module in a secure way to the JMX call?
All help highly appreciated.

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Is it feasible to install a JMX agent on the Acitve MQ JVM that would support JMX over HTTP ?

I'm thinking of Jolokia so you could make JMX calls via HTTP GET/POST workflow actions.

Another approach might be to write you own custom modular alert that would fire a JMX call in response to a particular alerting condition.

There are many examples of modular alerts already on Splunkbase that you could follow as a developer example.

From your custom modular alert script , you could also access encrypted credentials that the user could have entered in your App's setup screen.

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