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How to upgrade Advanced XML file to simple XML file ?


Hi Team,

I am in a process of updating Splunk to version 8.0 and to Python 3.X.Also, for that I have remove all the usage of Advanced XML and convert it into the simple XML views.
But there are few dashboards/XML which seems to be impossible to convert them back to simple XML.

Could you please guide me the way how can i actually remove advance XML ? Or any kind of leads would be highly appreciated because manually changing them back to simple XML seems like a very tedious task.

For ex:-

APP Name:- Splunk Add for *Nix
Location:- tc_matrix_nix/default/data/ui/views/Setup.xml


<view autoCancelInterval="100" template="search.html">
  <label>Splunk for Unix Add-on: Setup</label>

  <module name="AccountBar" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>
  <module name="AppBar" layoutPanel="navigationHeader"/>
  <module name="Message" layoutPanel="messaging">
    <param name="filter">*</param>
    <param name="clearOnJobDispatch">False</param>
    <param name="maxSize">1</param>
  <module name="Message" layoutPanel="messaging">
    <param name="filter">splunk.search.job</param>
    <param name="clearOnJobDispatch">True</param>
    <param name="maxSize">1</param>
  <module name="TitleBar" layoutPanel="viewHeader">
    <param name="showActionsMenu">False</param>
  <module name="TA_Unix_FTR" layoutPanel="viewHeader">

  <module name="TA_Unix_IFrame" layoutPanel="viewHeader">
    <param name="height">auto</param>

Thanks in advance

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Path Finder

convert from XML to html i believe is a current capability from the create dashboard UI.

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stuck with same issue, I think we cannot. Its easy to create new dashboards from your spl query than completely fixing xml

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Currently from my investigating into this matter, there are no guides on converting advanced xml back to simple xml. Only reference I read can be found from the Changes to Splunk Enterprise

  • *Advanced XML (deprecated in Splunk version 6.3): removed. If possible, replace Advanced XML with Simple XML. For more information about alternatives to Advanced XML available in Splunk Enterprise, see Building customizations for the Splunk platform *
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setup.xml is a special case. I'm pretty sure you don't want to modify that, as its not a dashboard per-se

From this looks of this, you have a customised version of the Splunk provided *nix app.
Have you looked at the latest version from Splunkbase to identify what has changed.

Seems a lot of work to rebuild everything, and loose the convinence of a Splunk curated app.

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