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How to put webpage (index.html, sankey.js and data.csv) into Splunk dashboard

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Hi Splunk Community,

I chanced upon a excellent link (http://plnkr.co/edit/4xPx05PxnWxoQBhIj2lo?p=preview) that is very near to what I want to have in my Splunk dashboard ie. a Sankey diagram that changes color according to the value of 1 column as well as many fantastic examples in Mike Bostock d3 example page. For example, they have a index.html, data.csv and sankey.js that when I run http-server, the webpage shows index.html and my sankey diagram is there!!! =D The example in this case differs from the Splunk-dashboard-examples where there is a sankey-helper.js file. And I want to not restrict to those limited examples in the long run.

I wanted to have the same sankey diagram in a Splunk dashboard or at least click on some chart that will link me to the sankey diagram on another dashboard. I tried to copy and paste the index.html into html Splunk dashboard and of course, to no success.

Is it a straight forward to put d3 visualizations into Splunk dashboard? Pls advise.

Thanks for your attention.

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the best and the quickest way to do is to download
1. Splunk Dashboard Examples app from here . This app has got a nice example of Sankey chart with sample dataset
2. Download the Sankey Diagram app from here. This provides with the js/css etc. which are required for Sankey d3
3. Change your dataset/dashboard similar using (1) & (2) using sample dataset. Now extend this to your dataset.

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@sssignals, have you tried Sankey Diagram Custom Visualization from Splunkbase: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3112/

You can include d3 visualization in your Splunk App by leveraging Splunk Custom Visualization API (Above Sankey Custom visualization app is also based upon the same). Refer to the Splunk Documentation with an Example: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/AdvancedDev/CustomVizTutorial

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