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How to download data from dashboard?


I have a dashboard as the following 

  May'22 Apr'22 Mar'22
KPI 1 random% random% random%
KPI 2  random% random% random%
KPI 3 random% random% random%
KPI 4 random% random% random%

The percentages for the KPI's are coming fine but the user wants to be able to download the actual data or at least show the Numerator and Denominator in the same dashboard on mouse hover or something.

Any Idea how this can be achieved?

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I presume this means that for each percentage value, you want the values used to calculate the percentage?

If so, include these in as part of multivalue fields with the percent as the first entry and hide the remaining entries with CSS

    <panel depends="$alwaysHide$">
          #hiddencalculation table tbody td div.multivalue-subcell[data-mv-index="1"]{
            display: none;
      <table id="hiddencalculation">
        <title>Hidden calculation</title>
          <query>| makeresults count=100
| eval _time=relative_time(now(),"-".(random()%3)."mon@mon")
| eval kpi="KPI ".(random()%4+1)
| eval _time=strftime(_time,"%b %y")
| stats count by kpi _time
| eventstats sum(count) as total by _time
| eval percent=round(100*count/total,2)
| eval percent=mvappend(percent."%",count." / ".total)
| xyseries kpi _time percent</query>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
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