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How to add a background or group panels that belong together on a dashboard in Simple XML?


I am building a dashboard of a cluster of machines, and I am attempting to combine all of these searches into a single panel to make it more intuitive as there will be multiple clusters in a single dashboard.

I have 9 searches populating results in 3 different ways. Is there a way to add a background (simply to group all the panels, or make it intuitive that they belong together) or just add them all to a single grouping and get rid of the space between the panels?

Here is an image, with the space in between highlighted that I am either attempting to remove, or add a big square behind all of the panels so I can visually 'group' them together?

alt text

Is there any good way to do this in Simple XML these days?

Thank you guys!!

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Have a look at the Splunk 6 Dashboard Example app. Look specifically for example for "Layout Elements" which gives different options using which you can customize how visualizations appear in your dashboard.


See this https://answers.splunk.com/answers/221370/splunk6-group-visualization-elements-horizontally.html

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I've looked all through this guy, but I don't see an example of putting mutlitple charts side by side, in the same panel. By default Splunk stacks the charts vertically.

Is there an option to set which way the next module is placed, either horizontal or vertical?

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