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How do I diagnose cycles in event types and tags?

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In several of the widgets on one of my dashboards I see a red triangle in the upper right corner. Clicking on that, I see several complaints of the forms

Expanding (splunk query here) failed due to cycle detected when expanding tag=xxx
Expanding (splunk query here) failed due to cycle detected when expanding eventtype=yyy

How does one troubleshoot the tags and event types to find and eliminate the cycles? We have many tags and many event types defined.

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Hi @echambervisa,

Did you just change or upgrade any of your applications or Splunk ? This could be due to some corrupt configuration, if this is a test environment try remove and reinstalling your app.


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Please have a check if it is related to : https://answers.splunk.com/answers/614862/why-am-i-getting-strange-errors-on-indexers-after.html

Else to trouble shoot
1. Ensure you have correct Addon/App installed
2. Ensure permissions of those apps. Normally the permissions of tag/eventtypes may not be global/system
3. Run the eventtype individually one by one and see which one has errors. Then do the same excercise for Tag
4. To identify where the tag or eventtypes come from use btool

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk cmd btool eventtypes list --debug >/tmp/eventtypes.btool.txt
/opt/splunk/bin/splunk cmd btool tags list --debug >/tmp/tags.btool.txt

Check the apps which these tags/eventtypes are mentioned and debug it one by one

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